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Longsun Alloy is a leading manufacturer of precious metal materials and electrical contacts, for knowing the importance of product quality and wish to provide customers high quality products, we invest heavily in equipment, imported three composite rivet machine, four roller reversing finishing mill, strip slitting machine, automatic welding machine and other advanced equipment from Germany with multiple domestic equipment consisting of expensive / cheap metal composite tape, electrical contact materials, precision punching three series of seven categories of contact element product line from Germany
It specially set up a first-rate R & D organization with a great combat effectiveness of the team.
In the early stage of product development, R & D personnel will conduct a detailed plan, potential failure modes and effects analysis, analyze the potential abnormal may appear in the production process and the final product, formulate measures to make the a scientific and technological process of scientific research and development of new products to ensure the technical content of new products and quality stability.
In recent years, we have obtained nearly 30 new product patent of invention and utility, as the launch of these products, bringing a high value to electrical industry user and promoting the development of the whole industry, contribute to China's national industry
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