Employees are the company's greatest asset, and Longsun to provide a suitable working environment for each employee skills to our strengths, and share operating results. Follow the "man does not stand, enterprises no letter of fashion" business philosophy. Abide by its commitments to employees, self-worth for members to provide a platform; trustworthy, speaking for mutual benefit and win-win situation to get the community, customers and partners.

With both the forward and progressive, unswervingly carry out the concept of innovation, institutional innovation, technological innovation and management innovation. Create a learning organization, advocating everyone to learn techniques from the school administration to continue to better ourselves, and strive to create the future. Implement the strategy of sustainable development, so refined, stronger, bigger, the Greek brand to the world.
Thrifty factories inherited the tradition of thrift, cherish resources, cherish the time; eager to learn, eager to thinking, diligent industry, increase their abilities and true knowledge for real learning and hard work. "Satisfied to say, sensitive to the line", sincerely do their job, to provide customers with the best products and services.
"Family Harmony", rally the forces, through communication and motivation to make personal vision and organizational vision of harmony. The company encourages employees to share the fruits of development effort to continuously improve the quality of life, the pursuit of maximizing corporate profits at the same time, not forgetting the return to the community, for the benefit of mankind.
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